We value the service
veterans have provided for
the benefit of all Canadians.

Medical Cannabis for Canadian Veterans

We’re proud to support Canadian Veterans and those actively serving. At MyMedi.ca, we offer more than just coverage of your medical cannabis needs through Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and direct billing with Medavie Blue Cross (MBC).

Our one-of-a-kind pharmacist-led program, offers tailored care to ensure that every veteran has access to personalized support on their medical cannabis journey. MyMedi.ca covers the cost difference above $8.50 per gram on our entire selection of products including Veterans Exclusives – a dedicated  assortment of new craft flower available only to Veterans.

What Makes our Program Unique

Good Faith Coverage
  • You can order while your application is being processed
Actively Serving Members & Veterans Spouses Discount
  • 20% off all cannabis products
Evidence-driven Formulary
  • Variety with consistent availability
  • Multiple delivery formats
Refill Reminders
  • Support with monthly ordering
  • Personalized call-backs or email reminders
Pharmacist-led Bilingual Support Services
  • One-on-one education sessions
  • Personalized consults to guide treatment plans
  • Drug interaction assessments
  • Side effect management
  • Follow-up consults
Exclusive Products for Veterans
  • Formulary products only available to MyMedi.ca Veterans
  • Release of premium limited-time product offerings

VAC Coverage Policy

As a veteran, you may be eligible for coverage of your medical cannabis through Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC). VAC may provide coverage of up to 3 grams per day (90 grams per 30-day period) of dried cannabis (or its equivalent in other cannabis formats) unless otherwise authorized and is available for a range of products at a rate of up to $8.50 per gram.

MyMedi.ca will absorb the cost difference above the maximum VAC reimbursement rate of $8.50 per gram on all available products.

Ready to get started?

Follow these five simple steps.

Step 1

Register online in under 10 minutes

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Step 2

Get your medical document

Speak to a healthcare professional to obtain a medical document. You may also transfer your existing document from another Licensed Producer. For more help, please contact a MyMedi.ca Patient Support representative.

Obtain a new Medical Document
Step 3

Submit your VAC Documentation

When applying to VAC for coverage, submit a copy of your Medavie Blue Cross Card with a Summary of Assessment (SOA) or Disability Benefit Decision Letter for Good Faith Coverage (GFC). It can take 3-4 weeks to receive a decision. During this time, MyMedi.ca can provide interim coverage for medical cannabis under our Good Faith Coverage (GFC) Program for the first 30 days (up to a maximum of 90 grams) at no additional cost. Our goal is to ensure your coverage is seamless and completely supported throughout the entire process. 

Step 4

Veterans Coverage Approval

The MyMedi.ca team applies for VAC coverage with Medavie Blue Cross on your behalf (receiving a decision can take up to several weeks). Once a decision has been received, your account will be updated, and a member of our dedicated Patient Support Team will contact you. Requests to expedite a decision can be made directly to the Medavie Blue Cross General Client Line
at 1-888-261-4033.

Step 5


Once an approval from Medavie Blue Cross is received, you are ready to shop! MyMedi.ca will manage direct billing on your behalf with VAC through your policy! Monthly allotments covered through VAC reset every 30 days from the first order date on the current medical document.

Our Clinic Partners

We collaborate with several specilalty medical cannabis clinics with a focus on veteran patients. If you are a veteran seeking assistance with obtaining a new medical document, we have several partners who are ready to help.

Direct Billing to Veterans Affairs

Direct Billing to Veterans Affairs

  • For seamless billing, veterans (or their caregivers) should ensure the Medavie Blue Cross Insurance K-number (7 digits) is on their Registration Form. If you have any questions, please contact the MyMedi.ca Patient Support Team for help.
  • Your medical document must include the diagnosis or symptom being treated, for VAC to provide coverage and match the diagnosis on the VAC Summary of Assessment (SOA) or Disability Benefit Decision Letter.
  • Please provide a copy of your Blue Cross Card and Summary of Assessment (SOA) or Disability Decision Letter to be assessed for GFC. To access your SOA please login to your ‘My VAC Account’ https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/e_services or contact Veteran Affairs Canada for additional support at 1-866-522-2122.
  • Please note that Veteran Affairs Canada usually provides a response regarding coverage within 3 to 4 weeks, unless there are issues with your file which may lead to potential delays. Once we receive the response from VAC, a member of our Patient Support Team will contact you and share VAC’s decision.
  • If you have a medical authorization that exceeds 3 grams per day, you will need to apply to VAC for exceptional status.

Good Faith Coverage

  • If you are interested in placing an order before you receive your VAC approval, you may be eligible for Good Faith Coverage (GFC). To be eligible for GFC:
    • Please ensure you have submitted a copy of your Blue Cross Card and Summary of Assessment (SOA) or Decision Letter as stated above.
    • Please confirm that you have not placed an order with another licensed producer under a VAC policy within the last 30 days.
    • Once we receive this information, a Patient Support Team member will reach out to help you with the next steps for establishing GFC.
  • Please note: if your VAC application is denied, you will be responsible for paying any costs of orders placed under the GFC Program that are not covered by VAC.

Convenient Access & Quality Cannabis

  • Veteran patients can order their total allotment of medical cannabis every 30 days, starting from their first order date.
  • When placing an order on MyMedi.ca covered by an active VAC policy, the order total will always be $0 before it is fully completed, and no payment method will be required. If you encounter any issues placing your order, please contact us at 1-844-500-2040 or support@mymedi.ca.
  • As a veteran patient, you are eligible for up to $400 of coverage towards the purchase of a vaporizer every 3 years through VAC. We can help with vaporizer selection and the reimbursement process. If you have not ordered a vaporizer through VAC coverage before, you will need to obtain a prescription for one through your health care practitioner first.
  • For the Actively- Serving Members & Veterans Spouses Discount – Please see our FAQ section for more information

MyMedi.ca Cannabis Care Team

  • If you would like to speak to one of our cannabis-trained pharmacists or if you require any assistance with the application process or transferring your valid medical document from another license producer, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-844-500-2040 or support@mymedi.ca.
  • If you would like to apply for coverage on orders you placed prior to receiving approval from VAC, you can submit your receipts for reimbursement to the following address:

National Reimbursement Centre
PO Box 6700
Moncton, NB
E1C 0T8


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assist veterans with direct billing?

Yes, the MyMedi.ca team is pleased to offer our Veterans Program, which provides support to veterans to obtain coverage of medical cannabis. Coverage is offered by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) with direct billing to Medavie Blue Cross (MBC) on your behalf. Once your application has been submitted and approved, we will continue to direct bill MBC and absorb the cost difference on all orders, at no expense to you.

VAC provides coverage for up to 3 grams per day of dried cannabis, or its equivalent in other forms (or 90 grams per 30-day period) unless otherwise authorized, or the equivalent amount at $8.50 per gram.

Prescription periods start from the date of your first order of the current medical document and resets every 30 days. You can also view the medical allotment deductions in grams for products on the ‘Shop’ page.

Where can I find my next order date and coverage allowance?

Your 30-day prescription period information and VAC allowance can be found in your account information online. Once signed into your account, click on ‘Profile’ and your current monthly prescription period should be displayed along with your remaining VAC allowance.

Do you cover costs of orders for veterans while waiting for a response from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)?

Yes, we offer Good Faith Coverage (GFC) on a case-by-case basis for the first 30 days while we wait for a response from VAC regarding your coverage. Under GFC, we may cover up to $8.50 per gram, up to a maximum of 3 grams per day (90 grams per 30 days), unless otherwise authorized, for a 30-day period, if applicable.

In general, to qualify for GFC, you must not have placed an order with another licensed producer within the last 30 calendar days. To be considered for GFC, please submit a copy of your Blue Cross Card and Summary of Assessment or Disability Benefit Decision Letter to us via fax (1-844-500-4042), e-mail (support@mymedi.ca), upload document feature online, or mail to:

c/o Northern Green Canada
275 Orenda Road
Brampton, Ontario
L6T 3T7

How do I apply for the Veteran Spouses & Active Military Members discount?

Applying is easy! 

For active military members, just email proof of enrolment/service in the Canadian Armed Forces as an attachment, including your full name and date of birth or MyMedi.ca client ID number with “Military Discount” in the subject line to support@mymedi.ca. You can also use the “Upload Document” feature through your online account. Once we have reviewed the information, we will contact you with an update.  

For spouses of veterans, send us an email with the information of a current MyMedi.ca approved veteran and provide the full name and date of birth, MyMedi.ca client ID number of the veteran, with “Veteran Spouse Discount” in the subject line to support@mymedi.ca. Please note, to be eligible your address must match the registered veteran.

Alternatively, the above information can be mailed to: 

c/o Northern Green Canada 

275 Orenda Road 
Brampton, Ontario  
L6T 3T7